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Yeah, that's me...
21 August 2010 @ 12:33 am

Yeah, that's me...
18 November 2009 @ 08:03 pm
Yeah, that's me...
04 July 2009 @ 10:44 am
Story behind zee pica-ture!

Again it involves Twelfth Night. haha!

Alexander Skarsgard details hereCollapse )

More from the nightCollapse )

I refuse to put Raúl under a cut! XD
I decided I wanted to wait for Raúl to come out (How could I not! There were only 7 of us there!) Stark had made a joke about how they'd set up desserts and wine so Raúl might take a little bit longer. One of the Raúl fans said "Oh, he likes his wine" and Stark said "Yes he does. I've had to deliver some wine to him before" (Or something like that). LOL.

Raúl came out about ten minutes later, Kerry and I had been heading towards home but I'm sooo glad we stayed. He was looking great, as always. He talked with the other people first (which was fine considering this was my... 8th time there). He took a great picture with the girl, he lifted her up and it was kind of adorable (yes, I was SOOO jealous).

When Raúl came over to us he read my shirt and asked if it was from True Blood. XD I said yeah it was and he said he was reading the first book!! (The more I learn about this man, the more I love him). He said he couldn't put it down and I replied that they were really addicting books and that I'd read them all. He also said that he had watched the entire first season and that he kinda wished he didn't know what was going to happen [in the books]. I wanted to say something to that but I thought I'd let it go because I didn't want to spoil him. :P He asked if the guy who played Eric was here tonight and I nodded. He said that when he'd met him he'd thought he looked familiar but couldn't exactly say from where. He then started naming the people he knew from the show (WHICH WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER). He was good friends with one of the cast members (who I just totally forgot), he knew a few others through people (Rutina and some others) and I guess he's met Anna. I honestly could hardly pay attention to what he was saying because a) It's Raúl Esparza, my favorite stage actor, and b) I'm talking about True Blood/Southern Vamp series with RAUL-FUCKING-ESPARZA!!! XD We talked awhile longer but like I said, I was totally out of it!

I asked for a picture (again) and he gladly obliged. After the pic, I finally had the courage to tell him that Jim and Sandy, Kelly Grant's parents said hi to him (my friend who was in Company with him). He smiled widely and said "Oh! The next time you talk to them tell them (I REALLY don't know if I remember this that well) that 'I love 'em!'" I said I talked to them all the time and that I would definitely relay that message (Sandy is traveling so I emailed them the next morning and Jim was happy and surprised that Raúl remembered them but said they had been around a lot and even met his parents). I went back to Kerry to check my camera and again the picture was washed out so we waited to take another :P (Yeah, I'm a bit crazy, can't you tell??) So we took another picture and as Kerry and I left, Raúl yelled "Goodnight, Fangtasia!" and smiled. (Oh yeah, I can die happy now) So basically I doubt anyone can surpass this man in my heart now (at least in regards to thespians/actors, even George Clooney.)

Note: He was the last one out and the remaining security guard, a female asked if he wanted her to walk him out (I guess we seemed like the type to follow him home haha!). He said he was okay. (I will admit to watching him walk towards wherever it is he lives until he was out sight... CREEPER!)

The state of the 'Twelfth Night' ticket line and other infoCollapse )

BTW to all you Hair fans, Will has left with Audra the last two nights I've gone, they are so adorable! And yesterday was her birthday!

Alas, I must go eat now! Hope everyones weekends are going well so far!

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Yeah, that's me...
28 February 2009 @ 10:53 pm
EDIT: George and Julianna will be back on ER!!!!!! (MARCH 12th)

You guys have NO idea how obsessed I was with them. Their picture was plastered on everything I owned. I memorized whole episodes, would quote them constantly, as well as record them onto my tape recorder so I could play them when I wasn't at home. I watched the episodes over and over again on VHS, knowing exactly where and when to stop fast forwarding to watch the Doug and Carol moments. I think I've seen every episode of the first 6 seasons AT LEAST (and I mean AT LEAST) 20 times. ER was/is my favorite show of all time. I used to carry around pictures of George (and some of he and Julianna) all the time. When I would go on trips, I'd bring them all out and set up my "altar to George" as my grandma called it. It was ridiculous. But Awesome. I even went to the Don Henley concert (my first concert) just to hear him sing Taking You Home (which he didn't, but it was still a great concert). My ex-BFF was also into ER but not NEARLY as much as I, as she admitted (Unfortunately we don't talk anymore unless is about George, ER, Doug/Carol, or Baseball [she's a boozer :( ]). Anywho, That gives you a BIT of an idea of how EXCITED I am to see this episode. I honestly care very little in what capacity they will be on the show, even if its just a minute long bit, thats ok (Julianna said they shot for two days). I don't care if their bit is super cheesy and an obvious ploy to get an audience (which it is of course), I STILL WANT IT!

So this post is dedicated to all of those Doug/Carol fans, whether or not you were as crazy as me, or just a passive fan. XD

Some Random videos:
From the first season (EEE!) Carol's first day back. Check out the ambulance bay. haha
I miss their theme. It was so pretty.Collapse )

The first on screen kiss (I think)
KISSCollapse )

After the kiss. :( Poor Doug. He was such a bastard then XP
Oh, DougCollapse )

This scene breaks my heart. Gah. That look he gives her. I want a guy to look at me like that... [Plus the awkwardness is AWESOME and I miss BOB! XD] I DON'T miss the bimbo.
Bob was always trying to put up decorations. What ever happened to her?Collapse )

How can you NOT realize you're making a mistake Carol...???? (Ep. 110)
What a guy!Collapse )

Doug crashes Carol's engagement part-ay! Plus, the pharmacist bimbo actually says something nice. (GEORGE IN A SUIT! YUMMY!) Poor Doug! :(
Doug always pours out his heart and the wrong timesCollapse )

This is one of my favorite scenes. Because hello! Baseball!Doug *sigh* I love that George wanted to be a ballplayer. I like that in a man. hehe I'd like to get a hold of his bat ;)
Shep's an ASSCollapse )

THEY FINALLY GET BACK TOGETHER! EEE! Definitely one of my favorite scenes. "Toby doesn't get to come inside?" I would say that to my ex-BFF all the time and we would just giggle. Such a great way to end a season.
Best season finale. Ever.Collapse )

Uh Oh. Elizabeth flirting with our Doug! And in front of Carol. This scene always makes me giggle. (Ep. 403)
*giggle*Collapse )

Doug & Carol go skating. I forgot how good they got at pretending they weren't together, at work. (Ep. 404)
Always wear a helmetCollapse )

I WANT A DOUG! (Ep. 405)
Why can't I have one??Collapse )

Doug FINALLY tells Mark that he and Carol are back together (Ep. 407)
He's dating Jerry, DUHCollapse )

I watched this episode last night XD
Zee bathtub scene
Why couldn't he undress first. Come on! ;)Collapse )

Doug leaves. I remember crying my eyes out during this episode. Even now it brings a tear to my eye. But at least we know they got together :D
:'(Collapse )

This was the best version could find that had both video AND audio. I get goose bumps every time I watch this. I LOVE his laugh. I SCREAMED when this episode aired. It was perfect.
Where are the girls?Collapse )

This post was more for my own enjoyment. But I hope those of you who are/were fans, enjoyed it as well!

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Yeah, that's me...
08 February 2009 @ 01:31 am
My thoughts are with everyone affected by the Victoria bushfires, especially the families of those already lost.

Good luck and be safe.

More Info: HERE

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Yeah, that's me...
This may be a bit jumbled as I am extremely tired. Day 2 of my Steve Carell week featuring Get Smart @ The SoHo Apple Store.

Best. Day. Ever.Collapse )

Here are the pictures from Letterman. Lance Armstrong was also the guest so there are a few pictures of him. Check out the gallery for more pics.

Steve and Lance picsCollapse )

ETA: #5, the Anne Hathaway fan AKA Kerry, posted some pics on her blog! Check them out here! And yes that is a picture of me.

ETA: I was actually thinking this last night during while this was all going down. If Sky were there, it would have been even more awesome too. When they would say something that I thought Sky would've gotten a kick out of I kept going for my phone. But I didn't want them to think I was recording anything... :(

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Yeah, that's me...
10 June 2008 @ 10:56 pm
So.. My BFF/twin, Sky made the GREATEST thing EVER for me today. She posted it on my myspace and because I feel the need to share it with EVERYONE, I am going to post it here. It totally made my day/week. :D :D :D

The greatest gift EVER is under here.Collapse )
So pretty much, SKY I LOVE YOU!!!! She (and Shoshana) have been keeping me sane these past few months. Sky and I constantly stay up until the wee hours of the morning (meaning 4-5 AM) talking about random stuff. Last night/this morning we talked about RDJ. And drooled over pictures of him.

That was really all I felt the need to say today. Hope everyone is having a great week!

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Yeah, that's me...
Okay. Today was AMAZING. I saw The Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. OMG. I'm pretty much IN LOVE with the whole cast. They were all just intense and incredible and just... just.. *Sigh* I can't even describe it. I bought my ticket last night HOPING I wouldn't be too tired to go, after the walk and all. It was a fourth row center seat. I ended up sitting in the front row. (A girl wanted to sit next to her friend... I'm so glad she did) Sitting in the front row with people as incredible as Phylicia Rashad, James Earl Jones, Anika Nani Rose, Terrence Howard on the stage less than a foot from you... I was off to the side a bit more and there was this chair thing kind of in the way but MAN. I made eye contact with pretty much everyone in the play, the intensity in their eyes, ESPECIALLY Terrence's, was just phenomenal. I had to look away when Terrence looked over my way. His character was an ass in the play but as the story progressed he was the character I most loved. (He played Brick for those of you familiar with William's work.) Maggie, played by Anika Nani Rose was my second favorite character, though I'm not sure if it was because I liked her character that much or if I just was awed by Rose's performance. When she cried onstage... Well, when pretty much all the characters had their moment of vulnerability, I broke. I really want to read the play now. i know it was controversial because there is so much cursing and raunchiness than the "original" but THIS was how Tennessee Williams wanted the play to be, he just couldn't have it that way because of the time period. It was really funny though to see James Earl Jones talk about fucking a woman. :P And awesome to see Terrence Howard CRACKING up when he said it. And to fall down on the floor. And weep. Overall I think this was another AMAZING theatre experience I will NEVER forget.

Here are a few (many) Pictures I took at the stage door along with some explanations. As always click on the picture to see it larger.

Amazing performers, amazing performances. This is by far the most moving play I've ever seen. I loved it so much.

see the rest of the awesomeness under hereCollapse )

TERRENCE HOWARD (Brick)!!!! OMG! He had THE most incredible performance. His character, if you haven't seen COTHTR, is a drunk with some emotional and personal problems, to say the least. He did such a FANTASTIC job. How he did NOT get a Tony nod, I'll never know.

He's freaking ADORABLE.

More Terrence Howard pics under hereCollapse )

Thanks for looking at the pics :)

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Yeah, that's me...
01 January 2007 @ 12:01 am
Under HereCollapse )